About the Artist:

My mother says I was drawing faces on her freshly cut hexagon shaped quilt pieces before I was a year old. So I guess you could say Iíve been an artist all my life. Iíve worked in many different media, from pencil to watercolor, acrylics to digital art. For five years, Iíve was a freelance digital artist. I contributed regularly to a custom game content website. At least until the doll obsession took over.

Iím married to a wonderful man. Heís been my best friend and the love of my life since we first met in high school. Iím a stay at home Mom to our two terrific young boys. We are raising our family in central New Jersey.

I began collecting dolls not too long ago, December 2005. While getting something else ready to sell on eBay, I decided to check out some of my favorite childhood toys. Instead, I saw the stunning silkstone Barbies and some amazing Fashion Royalty dolls. I was a huge Barbie lover as a child, but these were everything Iíd ever wanted from a doll. I had to have them! This led me to some of the most beautiful repaints. It was only natural that I had to try my hand. After all, theyíre a lot more fun to work with than the quilt pieces.

I've found that I love working with the Ken dolls. I've also painted Barbie and Tonner's Tyler and Sydney. As time permits, I'll be adding new dolls to the gallery.

And if you're wondering where "Eight O'clock Designs" comes from, it actually makes alot of sense. With two boys painting doesn't get done during their waking hours. As you can imagine, that would be a big mess. So everything I do is done after their 8 PM bedtime. Hence Eight O'clock Designs.

Veronica Hage