All prices are in US dollars, I accept paypal and US cashable money orders. Prices are for painting services only, doll must be provided by you. They can be shipped to me, or I can accept dolls at conventions, doll shows and other events I attend. Shipping home to you is extra as detailed below.



2011 a la cart price list:

12" paintovers:
eyebrow color change: $15
add eyelashes upper $10
add eyelashes upper and lower $20
eye color/position change: $35
detailed eye color/position change (includes tear ducts, undereye ridge, shading) $65

12" involves paint removal:
lip repaint: $30
eyebrow reposition: $30
Please note that sometimes the original Fashion Royalty eyebrows stain the vinyl, so repositioning sometimes is not the best choice. I find red cast browns and burgundies are the offenders.

16" paintover:
eyebrow color change (brow shape remains the same): $20
add eyelashes upper: $25
add eyelashes upper and lower: $35
eye color/position change: $50
detailed eye color/position change (includes tear ducts, undereye ridge, shading): $85

16" involves paint removal:
lip repaint: $35
eyebrow reposition: $40
Please email me if there is a service wanted that is not listed here. I do not remove and repaint eyes only. If you wish for that, please see the full repaint prices.


For a full repaint, the factory paint is removed from the doll, to allow for reshaping of the eyes and lips. Shading around features is carefully applied to blend them into the skin for realism. Shadow is blended. Details such as faint frown lines on males, feathered brows and shading for depth are all included. Men include chest detail with painted nipples and your choice of body hair. Females include body enhancements only upon request. We will carefully go over what you're looking for and photos will be mailed to you as the stages of repaint progress. I want you to be completely satisfied with your work of art. I have focused mainly on Barbie, Ken, Fashion Royalty, and Silkstone, but I would be glad to work on other dolls on a case by case basis. Prices will vary, but I can take: Sybarites, Avant Guard, Tonner, etc. Email me and we can work out the details.


Ken full repaints: $175
Silkstone full repaints: $200
Fashion Royalty, Monogram, Poppy Parker full repaints: $225
16" dolls: $300

Add hair cut/perm/simple updo to a 12" doll: $25
Elaborate updos and 16" dolls may be more.

For samples please view my gallery. The most recent works are at the top.
Full Repaints are taken at a rate of one per month. I book 3 months at a time. I announce availability on my mailing list and Doll Divas.


Dolls are to be shipped to me nude, and if you have it, I suggest putting the hairnet back on. Otherwise the hair may become messy during the return trip. I have yet to locate a souce for doll sized hairnets! Please ship your doll in a sturdy box. How you ship your doll to me is how I ship it back. My suggestion is the dolls original box, tied securely in. For your peace of mind and mine I ask that you use delivery confirmation. I wholeheartedly suggest insurance, especially for expensive dolls, and require it for the return trip. I cannot be held responsibility if your doll is lost or damaged. When I return the doll to you I insure it for it's newly repainted value, to protect all parties.

Shipping rates are actual postage plus insurance and delivery confirmation, as quoted by the USPS web site. I use only priority mail in the US. I use international priority for outside the US. If you prefer another method such as UPS or FedEx, we can price that for you too. As long as it meets my requirements for confirmation and insurance.